Are all the fonts free of charge?

The fonts presented on this website are their authors' property, I collected these fonts from the different website and their author mentioned that these fonts are 100% free.  Please look at the readme-files in the archives or check the indicated author's website for details, and contact him/her if in doubt.

You can get the author's info by clicking on the author's name.

Please use this information at your own discretion and always read carefully the license file before using the font for commercial projects. The rules of each font are subject to change at any time and without prior notice. It is strictly your own responsibility to make sure that the font is fully licensed for your intended project.

"Free commercial use" allows the standard sort of use allowed by most standard commercial font licenses. Web graphics, posters, t-shirts, signs, logos, etc.

If you're going to embed the font in an app or a web page, there's a different license for that.

However, if the font isn't "embedded" in the app, you can still use it with the regular, free license. For example: titles screens, headings, labels, the app's icon . . . situations where it's just a graphic and not the actual font embedded.

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